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Zoning Documents and Forms

Administrative Variance Application

Appeals Application

Amendment of Zoning Conditions/Text Amendment Application

Conditional Use Permit Application

Conditional Use Telecom/Cell Tower Application

Engineering Plan Review Application and Fire Marshal Plan Review Application
(final plat review submittal to include these applications, 5 hard copies, fees)

Extended Stay Hotel/Motel Application
(new or changing hotel/motel to extended stay)

Rezoning Application
(future land use map will not be amended - example would be A-1 to R-1)

Rezoning and Land Use Amendment Application
(example would be A-1 to C-1 or R-1 to I-1)

Roof Pitch Verification

Short Term Rental Application

Sign Registration Application

Special Event Permit Application

Third Party Inspection Requirements

Variance Application

If you have any questions, please contact the Zoning staff at 770-607-6312.

Disclaimer:  The Zoning Staff make every reasonable attempt to keep these web pages as up-to-date as possible.  Because of delays that exist in actually having new information posted, the accuracy of the content on these pages cannot be guaranteed.  Please contact the Zoning Staff with any questions.