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Upcoming Public Hearing

Next Planning Commission Hearing: 
July 6, 2020 at 6 p.m.
*Social Distancing Measure will be implemented

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NOTE: application ARZ-2340 by Yellowstone LLC on Rock Fence Rd NW will Not be on the July 6 agenda. 

A-2359  Zoning Staff Text Amendment
CU-2343  J&A Construction College Road
 CU-2345 Greg Richardson  Old Cass White Road
 RZ-2344  NW Capital Group  Cassville Road
 RZ-2348  IDI Logistics Hwy. 293/Old River Road
 RZ-2353  Eric Smith Pecan Lane
RZ-2354 Transwestern Dev. Peeples Valley
RZ-2356 PDC Atlanta Hwy. 293

Disclaimer: Documents may be amended or added to application files that may not be included in the links above.