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January 1, 2008 – December 31, 2013

Estimated Proceeds - $200,000,000 
Total Proceeds Collected - $127,363,377

Proceeds Distribution based on 2000 Census Figures

Adairsville                                3.340%

Cartersville                             20.730%

Emerson                                   1.970%

Euharlee                                  4.000%

Kingston                                     .955%

White                                          .955%

Bartow County                      68.050%

County projects approved for 2008 SPLOST funding included:

Construction of the Clarence Brown Conference Center
Jail Expansion
Fire and EMS Headquarters
Five Fire Stations
Construction of a new State Patrol Facility
Landfill Expansion & Equipment
Road Projects & Equipment
Water & Sewer Projects
Greenspace Purchase and Related Improvements
Historic Courthouse Restoration and Renovation
Administration Building Parking Expansion
Recreation Improvements
Animal Shelter Renovation
Floodplain Mapping Updates
Hazardous Material Response Vehicle
The Effect of The Economy on 2008 SPLOST Projects
The effect of the economy on 2008 SPLOST collections required the County to prioritize its projects
based on immediate need and available funds. Some projects had to be scaled back or eliminated altogether.