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April 1, 2003 -December 31, 2007

Total Proceeds Collected - $90,518,226.03

Proceeds Distribution based on 2000 Census Figures

Adairsville   3.340%
Kingston  0.955%
White   0.955%
Bartow County 


Bartow County and the City of Cartersville agreed to jointly fund the construction of a Public Safety Training Facility and improvements to the Cartersville Branch of the Bartow County Library with a portion of their allocated SPLOST proceeds.

Expansion of the Health Department facility  as well as construction of a new Road Department and three of four planned fire stations; 1) the new Cassville Station, 2) the Pine Log Station and 3) the Sugar Valley Station were funded with 2003 SPLOST dollars.

Water and sewer infrastructure projects and road improvement projects, such as correcting horizontal and vertical alignment problems on Mission Road, adding turn lanes on Cass-White Road at the Busch Drive intersection, and re-aligning Glade Road, Cedar Creek Road, Fire Tower Road, Shinall-Gaines Road, Five Forks Road, Rudy York Road and Sugar Valley Road were all 2003 SPLOST funded projects .  The County purchased the necessary right of way to make improvements on Euharlee Road at SR 113, as well as the Five Forks Road project and the Shinall-Gaines project. The necessary right-of-way was acquired for the 2nd phase of the Glade Road improvement project.

A number of greenspace properties were purchased with 2003 SPLOST funds, allowing the citizens of Bartow County to continue to enjoy its natural landscapes and wildlife habitats for many years to come. Walking trails have been constructed on some of these properties allowing easy access for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The first greenspace purchase utilizing SPLOST proceeds was an approximately 300-acre tract in the Highlands area of northeast Bartow County known locally as Beasley Gap. Greenspace funds were used to match grant funds awarded to Bartow County under the former Georgia Greenspace Act. The Beasley Gap Greenspace Area includes a portion along the northwest bank of Pinelog Creek, an important watershed in the County’s Highlands region. With additional grant funding, the county was able to establish the Pinelog Creek Trail System, which includes two loop trails totaling approximately five miles of scenic hiking.

Greenspace funds were also used to purchase a 40 acre tract known as Hurricane Hollow, which helps protect the headwaters of Hurricane Creek. The area reminds many visitors of areas of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park because of its mountainous terrain and abundance and variety of plants located in the forest. Hiking trails provide citizens access to this beautiful property, which is located only a few hundred yards east of Main Street and I-75 in Cartersville and connects to the City of Cartersville’s Pine Mountain Trail. 

A Georgia Transportation Enhancement Grant was matched with County SPLOST funds to acquire 12 acres of threatened property in an important archeological site known as Leake Mounds. Historians believe that the mounds that once stood on this site pre-date the famous Etowah Mounds by approximately 1000 years. Although the mounds were destroyed several decades ago, the area remains a rich archeological area that has been permanently protected by Bartow County.

The County also purchased a 100 acre farm and woodland tract known as the Goode Farm, which lies west of White, Georgia along Cass-Pinelog Road. This tract, which includes a spring, pasture land and a beautiful hardwood forest will serve as an important green buffer to the industrial/corporate park being developed in the area.