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April 1, 1997 – March 31, 2002

Total Proceeds Collected - $63,975,321.70

The 1997 SPLOST would be the first Countywide SPLOST that would include allocations to each of the participating municipalities. Distribution of the SPLOST proceeds to the cities was based on percentages calculated according to the 1990 census figures. 

Cartersville   21.53%
Kingston   1.10%
Bartow County

Taylorsville did not qualify to receive any SPLOST funds. However, Bartow County allocated .24% of its proceeds to improve Taylorsville streets and roads.

The County’s project list included various water and sewer infrastructure improvements and major road improvements projects, such as the ongoing Old Alabama Road/SR 113 bypass that, once completed, will bypass the downtown Cartersville business district and connect SR 113 to I-75 in the Emerson area. Phases I and II of the project are under construction. Right of Way acquisition on Phase III should begin in State Fiscal Year 2010. The SR 20 improvement project will consist of a four-lane from I-75 to Hwy. 411 and will align SR 20 with Peeples Valley Road. Right of Way acquisition should begin soon and construction is scheduled for State Fiscal Year 2014. The County has completed its match for these projects. Other road improvement projects that were funded by the 1997 SPLOST included the following intersection improvements: Grassdale Road at Peeples Valley Road, Peeples Valley Road at Old Grassdale Road, Mission Road at Burnt Hickory Road, Peeples Valley Road at Highway 411, New Hope Church Road at Allatoona School, Glade Road at Misty Valley, Mission Road at Harrison Road/Mission Road School, Cline-Smith Road at Roving Road and Hardin Bridge Road at Jones Slough Road.  Improvements were made to correct sight distance on Taylorsville-Macedonia Road, Glade Road, Hardin Bridge Road, Peeples Valley Road, Carol Slough Road and Cedar Creek Road. Various streets in the township of Taylorsville were also resurfaced. In addition to the many road improvement projects funded with the 1997 SPLOST, the County also worked to resurface roads, upgrade bridges and install guardrails and traffic signals at various locations where safety issues posed a concern.