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The Bartow County Board of Assessors would like to welcome you to our web site.

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 Bartow County Board of Tax Assessors plan to mail annual assessment notices May 15, 2020.
New for 2020, in addition to normal market adjustments, the Tax Assessors have completed a revaluation of Bartow County commercial properties and rural land parcels. This is the result of a multi-year study of vacant land and commercial sales. It is important to note that the value changes are not a one year jump but a result of the changing market over a number of years. Vacant land and commercial sales are not as common as residential sales. Therefore, the process demands several years of data.
Once notices are mailed, property owners have 45 days to file an appeal with the board of assessors if needed.  Appeals may be filed on the grounds of value discrepancy, uniformity, or taxability. Appeals must be filed in writing and tax bill amounts are not appealable.
Our office is open and fully staffed.  However, to continue the fight against the spread of COVID-19, we strongly recommend and encourage the use of email, US mail, or fax to file appeals.  Our mailing address is 135 West Cherokee Ave. Ste.126, Cartersville, Georgia 30120.  Our email address is and the fax number is 770-606-2390. Please call the office at 770-387-5090 if you have questions.

 If an appeal is filed, an appraiser will visit the property to verify records and address any concerns listed in the appeal.  Appraisers do not need to go inside homes or structures and will have proper identification.   
Annual assessment notices are only a notice of value. They are not tax bills. No money is due when the notice of assessment is received. A bill will be mailed from the Tax Commissioner later. The estimated tax bill located on the bottom of the assessment notice will be based on current year value and previous year millage rate.  As such, the amount may be different when bills are issued. 


In accordance with O.C.G.A. 48-5-264.1, please be advised that the Bartow County Assessors' Office may be visiting your property to review your parcel information.  The following will be reviewed: building permits (City & County), new construction, a return filed, removal of improvements, exemption applications, appeals.  The appraiser who reviews your property will have photo identification and a county vehicle with the Bartow County logo.  Please make your property available so we can accurately appraise.

For any concerns or questions you may contact our office at 770-387-5090

Normal monthly Board of Assessors meetings are held
the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 am. 

Board of Assessors Chief Appraiser/Dept. Head
Freddy Wehunt - Chairman Dana Shellhorse
Howard Smith
 Stanley Warren

Assessors Office
The Assessors Office primary mission is to prepare a fair and equitable tax digest in accordance with applicable laws and professional standards. The Tax Digest is the assessment of all real and tangible personal property subject to taxation in Bartow County.

The Board of Assessors was established by state law to determine the fair market value of all real and personal property in the county for property tax purposes. Property taxation is based on the concept that persons should share the cost of government according to their ability to pay. In the property tax system, ability to pay is measured by the value of property.

The Board of Assessors determines the estimate of property value and this process is called the “Appraised Value” of property. The board then applies the statutory 40% to that appraisal to generate the “Assessed Value” on which taxes are based.



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Bartow County Assessors Office

135 W. Cherokee Avenue, Suite 126

Cartersville, Georgia 30120

Phone (770) 387 – 5090

 Fax (770) 606 – 2390

Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday