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Most rules and regulations regarding the landfill are dictated by State and Federal Regulations. It is our duty to enforce these regulations. Bartow County also has several ordinances regarding solid waste disposal. The solid waste disposal ordinances are meant to assure fair and equitable solid waste disposal needs for the citizens of Bartow County. We will not post all solid waste disposal rules and regulations on this web site. The following rules are the basics. If you have any questions regarding the disposal of solid waste, please contact the landfill at (770)387-5145.

Bartow County residents may dispose of up to one ton (2000 pounds) of solid waste generated from their homes without charge. There are several limitations to this rule. The first is that we will accept large loads only at the landfill (the Collection Centers are available for small loads of solid waste that are generated on a daily or weekly basis) where normal tipping fees will be applied after the first ton per trip to the landfill. The second limitation is that we request the homeowner to bring the solid waste to the landfill. If a subcontractor is completing a job at your home, you must come to the landfill with the subcontractor or they will be charged the appropriate tipping fee since it is not from their house and the disposal is part of their business. Third, solid waste generated from the operation of a rental property will be subject to normal tipping fees since it is a business.

All loads must be tarped or tied down. Most of the litter found along our highways is a direct result of solid waste falling or blowing out of vehicles. We will not accept hazardous waste.

Commercial haulers and businesses must be permitted annually and have an account with the County. Permits must be displayed permanently on the vehicle and boxes.