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Recycling Center

Bartow County Recycling Center
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The Bartow County Recycling Center is located at 39 Allatoona Dam Road, just across the street from the Bartow County Landfill

The Bartow County Recycling Center was opened in the fall of 1996, since that time the department has made great progress in offering recycling services to the residents of Bartow County. The Recycling Center itself contains modern equipment to aid in the processing of recyclable material to meet market specifications. Commingled material is sorted in an E Z 900 Picking line and stored in bunkers to await the bailing process. The bailing process is accomplished through the use of a McDonald Two Ram High density Horizontal Bailer. This bailer is used to produce market bales of cardboard and also plastic bottles. A smaller one ram vertical baler is used to store and bale Mixed paper. From the bailing process material is loaded onto trucks at the facilities dock. The shipping dock is capable of holding three 52 ft. transfer trailers, and has one recessed bridging dock to access trucks of different loading heights. The Recycling Center also uses an 80’ x 100’ attached warehouse to store bailed material awaiting transport. This warehouse was obtained through a GEFA grant in 1998.

The Recycle Center collects recyclable material from a wide variety of vendors. The center collects material from eleven Bartow County Schools at this time, as well as area businesses. The main support of the Recycle Center comes from the 11 Collection Centers owned and operated by the Solid Waste Department.

• No garbage is accepted at the facility.
• Recyclables are accepted in two clean commingled streams-“rigids and fibers”.
• Recyclable materials are processed and marketed nationally.
• The center is capable of processing up to 50 tons per day of recyclables.
• Educational tours are conducted upon request.

The Recycling Center accepts the following recyclables:

• Cardboard Boxes
• Mixed office Paper
• Telephone Books
• Magazines
• Newspapers
• Aluminum cans
• Steel (tin) Cans
• Plastic bottles, #1 and #2