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Environmental Code Enforcement

Sheriffs Deputy James Lowrey is Bartow County’s Environmental Code Enforcement Officer. His primary duties are to enforce State scrap tire regulations and County, State, and Federal solid waste regulations. He is also charged with prosecuting litter control cases, illegal dump sites, and tarp law violations.

Litter control and illegal dumping is everybody’s business. No one enjoys driving through Bartow County and seeing fast food wrappers, cans and bottles, and household garbage. In some instances scrap tires, engine blocks, and appliances are dumped illegally along our roadways. Not only is this unsightly, but it is also dangerous and expensive to clean up. Bartow County spends close to $100,000.00 annually to pay for three roadside pickup crews.

We rely on Bartow county residents to be our eyes and ears when it comes to illegal dumping and littering. If you see some suspicious activity or illegal dumping, please bring it to our attention by calling Deputy Lowrey at (770) 383-7405 ( or call the landfill scale house at (770) 387-5145 to report your concern. Anonymous tips will be welcome.