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How to Challenge a Voter

Keeping the Official List of Registered Voters accurate and up to date is of the upmost importance.  If you feel that you know someone who is not qualified to vote in Bartow County, but is on our official list, we ask that you challenge this person's right to vote.  This is a multiple step process:

  1. Contact us to get some more information first.  Let us know why you think the person should be removed from our official list and we can give you more information on the process.
  2. Make the challenge in writing.  The best way to do this is to address a letter to the Bartow County Board of Voter Registration and Elections, and include all the reasons that you feel the challenge should be upheld.
  3. If the board determines that there probably cause to uphold the challenge, they will set the date, time, and location of a hearing and notify all parties involved. 
  4. The board will conduct the hearing and decide if the challenge will be upheld.  Both sides will be given a chance to make their case, and the burden of proof is on the person making the challenge.  Individuals may choose to retain an attorney for this hearing, or represent themselves.  If the board chooses to uphold the challenge, the person being challenged will be removed from the Official List of Registered Voters.
  5. After the hearing either side has ten days to appeal the board's decision by filing a petition with the Bartow County Clerk of Superior Court.

The most crucial part of this process is step 1.  If you are considering making a challenge, please contact us so we may guide you through the process.