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11-3-2020 Audit Information

The Bartow County Board of Elections and Voter Registration completed its part of the statewide Risk Limiting Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election on Monday, November 16th.  This process required us to examine the human-readable portion of every ballot cast in Bartow County in full view of observers from both political parties.  Observers from both parties were present for the entire audit and were able to observe every action we took, including completing our tally sheets and entering the data into the statewide reporting system (ARLO). 

It is important to note that the purpose of this type of audit is NOT to confirm the machine tallies, only to ensure that we did not declare the wrong winner.  Auditors are human and often make small errors during a hand tally; as a result, we expected a small margin of error during this process. The results of the Bartow County portion of the statewide audit came in with a .1% (.001) margin of error.  The human-readable text that each voter reviewed prior to casting their ballot cannot be changed once it is cast, so this audit confirms that the voting system in Bartow County accurately counted the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. 

Overall the audit went smoothly, and we thank our employees and the members of the public who volunteered their time to observe this critical process.  In the interest of transparency, we have posted the tally sheets used in the audit here for public review.  We hope that this audit provides certainty in our local results to the voters of Bartow County.