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Absentee By Mail - Over Seas

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Overseas Information

Any registered voter in Bartow County is entitled to cast a ballot in any election that he or she is otherwise qualified to vote in through the mail even if they are not currently in the United State of America as long as they are still

  1. Registered to vote in Bartow County.
  2. A legal resident of Bartow County.

There are two types of over seas voters:

  1. A voter who is temporarily overseas is a citizen who would be qualified as an eligible voter to vote at their polling location in Georgia if they were not overseas.
  2. A voter who is  permanently overseas and is a citizen who currently has no plans to return to Georgia but is authorized by federal law to vote in Georgia because they maintained residence in Georgia for at least 20 days immediately prior to their departure from the United States. A voter who lives abroad and no longer has a legal residence in Georgia may only vote in elections involving federal offices.

If you do not maintain a legal residence in Bartow County your "legal State of residence" for voting purposes is the State or territory where you last resided immediately prior to your departure from the United States. This applies to overseas citizens even though you may not have property or other ties in your last State of residence and your intent to return to that State may be uncertain.

If you reside outside of the United States, have never lived in the United States, and either parent is a qualified Georgia voter then you are eligible to register and vote where your parent is a qualified voter.
When completing block 7 of the Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form, be sure to enter the entire mailing address of your last residence, including rural route and number. That address determines your proper voting jurisdiction.

You cannot register or vote in-person at any embassy or consulate. There are no provisions for in-person voting or on-site registration at United States embassies or consulates. You may mail election materials from U.S. embassies and consulates. Remember to make sure that all election material is postmarked.