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Evidence Presentation System (EPS)

Audio/Visual Technology in Courtrooms

Evidence Presentation System (EPS)

Each courtroom is equipped with an Evidence Presentation System (EPS) capable of audio and visual presentation of evidence, including the ability to play any media, from your electronic device.  (you must provide your own device). HDMI and VGA connections are available at counsel tables. A touch screen monitor for annotation is available at the witness stand.


  1. It is always recommended that any media that will be used on our system be verified prior to your court date.  This includes any audio/visual file of any media type and laptop computers.  The IT Department is available to help test any media on the system. 
  2. Individual or group training session can be scheduled with the IT Department and should not take longer than 15 to 30 minutes. 
  3. Always have a backup prepared in case the audio/visual system malfunctions. 

For information regarding use of, individual or group training sessions and to test the EPS prior to a hearing, please contact the IT Department:

Larry Markwell           770.607.6359     


Each courtroom is equipped with Assisted Listening Devices for the hearing impaired which is compatible with any t-coil enabled hearing aid. The system is NOT Bluetooth compatible.  Please advise a courtroom Bailiff if you require an assisted listening device.

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Evidence Presentation System (pdf version)
Evidence Presentation System (Word version)