Citizen Alert System

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Stormwater Hotline

 Thank you for helping protect Bartow County’s beautiful lakes and waterways

There are 2 ways to submit your comment, question, concern or problem-

Email:                 Phone: Call 770-387-5067

Customer feedback and involvement is key to the Stormwater Program. We urge you to contact us with problems, questions and concerns you have regarding stormwater on your property or elsewhere in Bartow County.       

Contact us if you:

  • see someone dumping oil, grease, paint or other pollution down a storm drain or in the street.
  • see someone blowing leaves into a storm drain.
  • notice flooding due to clogged storm drains and pipes.
  • suspect pollution in a stream.
  • see someone dumping trash or tires into a stream.
  • spot strange colours, suds, or smells in a stream.

Storm drains lead to streams and the water never gets treated so help us protect stream quality by keeping everything but rain from going down storm drains.

All reported problems will be addressed during the hours of: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday Through Friday.  Please call 911 to report immediate emergencies.

Please include your contact information.  Additionally, please provide us with a location and description of the problem, and  approximately how long the problem has been occurring.