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Cartersville-Bartow Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)


The Cartersville-Bartow Metropolitan Planning Organization (CB-MPO) is the intergovernmental transportation planning body for Bartow County. The CB-MPO conducts the federally mandated transportation planning process for the Cartersville Urbanized Area as identified in the 2010 U.S. Census.

An important part of this planning process is the public’s participation in developing long term goals and setting short term priorities for the County’s transportation system. We invite you to review the information and plans provided here, and provide us with your thoughts and feedback at anytime regarding the transportation issues facing our area.

As a new MPO, we must establish several documents that describe how we are going to move forward with the transportation planning process from this point on. These documents are in draft  and final form and available for your review using the link to 'Planning Documents' provided in the left column. We welcome your comments.
Please direct or send your comments to Tom Sills using the contact information provided on this page. 


Project Updates as of April 30, 2020


WHAT: Weather permitting, the southbound Highway 41 exit ramp to Highway 411 will open to traffic on Tuesday, June 2. Also, a new traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 411 and the newly opened exit ramp will be activated. 

WHEN: Tuesday, June 2 at 9 a.m.

WHERE: Southbound Highway 41 exit ramp to Highway 411 at the intersection with Highway 411/Tennessee Street.

Public Input sought on repaving of Chitwood Cemetery and McKaskey Creek Roads

Bartow County has received grant funding from the Federal Lands Access Program to repave Chitwood Cemetery and McKaskey Creek roads within the county. Both roads provide access to campgrounds located on Lake Allatoona which is administered by the Corps of Engineers. Use the links below to see the project data sheets. The CBMPO is in the process of adding this funding to its FY 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan and to its FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program. Prior to doing so, the public is invited to provide comments. Comments are due by June 15, 2020. Comments should be directed to Tom Sills, CBMPO Transportation Planner by email ( or by phone (770) 607-62645. The legal notice is filed with the Cartersville Daily-Tribune and may be found here.

Chitwood Cemetery Road repaving project (PI# 0015410)
McKaskey Creek Road repaving project (PI # 0015411)

Letter to property owners surrounding Red Top Mountain roundabout project

Citizen Inquiry about Road Safety - Response

EPA proposes to retain National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS)  
Summary of Proposal


Bartow County residents will be seeing new roundabouts under construction . To assist drivers with the use of this traffic control device the following resources are provided:

Notification regarding provision of service

Requests for reasonable modification of the policies of the MPO or of the Bartow County Transit Department can sent to the following addresses for consideration. While every request may not prove to be feasible, nevertheless, the receipt of the request will be acknowledged.

Contact Information:

MPO Policies and Procedures
Tom Sills, CBMPO Transportation Planner
135 W. Cherokee Avenue
Cartersville, GA 30120

ph. (770) 607-6265

Bartow County Transit Policies and Procedures
Weldon Dudley, Director
Bartow County Transit Department
135 W. Cherokee Avenue
Cartersville, GA 30120
ph. (770) 387-5165