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CBMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

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Community Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is in process of being updated!

The CBMPO is required to update the TIP every four years. We are now in the process of looking at the transportation needs of this community between now and the Year 2050. The long-range plan seeks to accommodate the transportation and mobility needs of employers and employees, families, disabled individuals, and the elderly. The TIP identifies within the first four years of the plan those projects that need to be implemented immediately with available funds and resources. The CBMPO seeks your input into the decisions being made regarding projects, their timing and funding allocations. A 30-day public review and comment period is now underway. Comments will be received until close of business on Monday, December 23, 2019.  You may contact the staff of the CBMPO directly using the contact information available in the right column of this MPO's home page.  In addition you are invited to attend the public information Open House scheduled December 10, 2019 at the Clarence Brown Conference Center located on Highway 20 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM.

Draft FY 2020-2023 CBMPO Transportation Improvement Program

This notice of public involvement activities and time established for public review and comment on the LRTP and TIP will satisfy the  Program of Projects (POP) requirements of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307 Program. The CBMPO 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan and 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program are scheduled to be adopted by February 2020.

The current CBMPO FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program has been officially adopted as of the August 2, 2017 meeting of the Policy Committee

A link to the list of projects to be funded during FY 2018-2021 is posted below. This document has been officially adopted by the CBMPO Policy Committee at its public meeting on August 2, 2017. Upon its receipt on September 21, 2017 the official EPA concurrence letter has been added to the document.

CBMPO FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program - FINAL

The Transportation Improvement Program changes from time to time to reflect changes in timing, funding, and scope. Changes to projects that are exempt from federal oversight, or do not impact project description, capacity, or termini and otherwise do not impact air quality conformity are allowed as administrative modifications. These typically occur when funding shifts from one year to the next or minor changes occur within the project. Amendments occur with major changes to a project that change scope, termini, incur major changes in budgeted federal funds and/or involve the addition of new projects that affect air quality conformity. These changes are noted below:

TIP Update August 2017

TIP Administrative Modification November 2017 - Safety Performance Targets (PM 1)
Note: The CBMPO adopted the statewide targets so these numbers apply statewide.

TIP Update May 2018 - CB-512

TIP Administrative Modification June 2018

TIP Administrative Modifications September 2018

     CBMPO Transit Asset Management targets
     System Performance Report
     CB-401 Glade Road/Wildflower Tr to Camp Dr - update status
     CB-510A Cass-White Road Ph I Widening - update status

TIP Administrative Modifications October 2018

     Performance Targets for Bridge Safety (PM2) and System Performance (PM3)

TIP Administrative Modifications February 2019

    Performance Targets for Safety
    CB-508 Douthit Ferry Road Widening