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A Partnership for a Better Bartow

Bartow Office of Environmental Programs

PO Box786 • Cartersville, GA 30120

770-387-5167 •  Fax 770-606-2384

What is the Bartow County Environmental Management System Program?

 Who is involved?


  • Different phases will give county residents equal opportunity to participate in EvMS.
  • Residents can become a Household Partner by agreeing to environmental practices at home. These practices include recycling, carpooling, switching to more energy efficient appliances, and reducing water usage.


  • Small businesses of all sizes can commit to operating in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Bartow EvMS can showcase businesses that offer environmental services.
  • Business owners can educate themselves about greener practices through the Lunch N' Learn Series and other events with the help of the Cartersville Chamber of Commerce.


  • Farmers can participate by using cleaner farming practices such as reducing pesticides and preventing animal waste from filtering into water sources.
  • Bartow EvMS can showcase local organic farmers and agricultural communities.
  • The Successful Agriculture Conference can educate local farmers about sustainable farming.


  • Industrial partners of Bartow EvMS include Georgia Power, Anheuser-Busch, Shaw Industries and Toyo.
  • The industrial committee is made of up plant representatives looking to more sustainable practices by reducing pollution and increasing recycling.


  • Government partners include the County of Bartow, City of Cartersville and State Environmental Protection Division.
  • Bartow County Government is leading by example through an internal recycling program and performing energy audits and purchasing greenspace to protect rural environments.


  • Partners involved include Bartow County Schools, Cartersville City Schools and Cartersville/Bartow Chamber of Commerce.
  • Students are educated on environmental matters through the School Recycling Program, field trips and stream/river cleanups.

Mission Statement

Bartow County is committed to excellence and environmental stewardship by managing and protecting our natural resources for our county and its residents.

The Bartow Office of Environmental Programs will work collectively with government, small business, industry, schools and agriculture to reduce emissions, improve water quality and reduce solid waste by enforcing environmental compliance.


Clean Air

Collaborate with Bartow county agriculture, industry, and government partners to protect the community from air pollution. Addressing ideas to improve the air quality by reducing greenhouse gases and the impacts of climate change.

Water Conservation Initiatives

Maintain drinkable, fishable, and swimmable waters. Support economic and recreational activities. Provide healthy watersheds for fish, plants, and wildlife while maintaining a safe water supply for Bartow County residents.

            "Every child deserves to grow up with water that is pure to drink, lakes that are safe for swimming, rivers that are teeming with fish. We have to act now to combat these pollution challenges with new protections to give all our children the gift of clean, safe water in the 21st century. "  -  President Bill Clinton


Land Preservation and Restoration

Preserve Bartow Countylands through innovative waste management practices, promoting the clean-up of contaminated properties and the continued restoration of greenspace to improve quality of life for all involved.

Promote Sustainable Communities and Ecosystems

Help protect, restore and sustain Bartow County assets such as significant historical sites and natural resources by using integrated natural and historic resource management and comprehensive approaches with its environmental partners.

Compliance and Environmental Stewardship

Conforming to environmental laws and standards. Improve environmental performance beyond the minimum requirements of existing rules & regulations. Encourage the community to consider implementing stewardship initiatives whenever possible.

Believe in our community’s environmental performance & improvements
Are committed to meeting our legal and other requirements
Reduce pollution through prevention
Teaming up as one both industry and community
Objectives & targets provide our measurement of continual improvement
Working for a better quality of life in Bartow