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Christmas Tree

  Award picture commissioner 2017
   State Award Winning

          For 25 years (since 1991), Bring One For The Chipper, Georgia's annual Christmas tree recycling program has collected and recycled over 6 million trees. Keep Bartow Beautiful began its program in 2000 and since that time has grown to support two distinct projects.
      1- The original intention in recycling "live" Christmas Trees was a response to the 1991 Yard Trimmings Waste Disposal Act which bans yard trimmings from lined landfills minimizing landfilled materials and extending the "life" of these landfills. These trees were mulched for water conservation in landscaping and erosion control.
     2 - The program was expanded in 2006 when KBB was asked to partner with The Lake Allatoona Corps of Engineers, DNR, Wildlife Action and others in a “Fish Habitat” program where whole trees are anchored and eventually submerged to provide habitat for small fish in a man made lake where there is no natural bottom cover. Info on fish habitat structures.  Announced as an AWARD winning program by Keep Georgia Beautiful on December 2, 2016. - Click Here for info Marietta Bass Masters recognized for "Volunteer Comittment" from Bartow County Government - GA DNR Fisheries & Corps of Engineers Lake Allatoona receive state award for "Community Improvement". 
  •  Bartow County Solid Waste Collection Centers: all twelve (12)  COLLECTION SITES will be accepting your "live" UN DECORATED Christmas Trees. These trees will be used to support the fish habitat sites in Lake Allatoona and hopefully to provide mulch for school garden projects. COLLECTION CENTER HOURS OF OPERATION - Call 770 387 5145 for current hours.
  • Lake Allatoona sites: Victoria Day Use Area, Galt's Day Use Area, Sweetwater Campground overflow parking area, Payne Boat Ramp, Blockhouse 1 behind Paw Paw's Convenience Store and Bethany Bridge Fishing area.
    Contact Missy Phillillps 770 383 7399 with I questions about either project. Ask about volunteer opportunities. 
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