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About Us

The Cherokee Retreat Center is located at:
370 Wilderness Camp Rd.
White, Ga  30184

The retreat center has a lodge for family events with a dining area and a fully stocked commercial kitchen. There are two additional lodges, Nesbit and Lydia, each will sleep up to 16 people. The Lydia cottage also has a small kitchen. There are also 4 cabins and an  open pavillion on the south side of the park, each cabin will occupy up to 10 overnight guests each. The park also has an archery range, a dock for canoe launching,  swimming pool, an open field for outdoor games, and approximately 1.5 miles of walking trails.The retreat center also has an 80 person capacity Wilderness Chapel and a 50 person capacity Vesper Chapel. This camp is great for for family reunions, youth groups, civic groups, or any staff outing.

Cherokee Retreat Center Map and Price Information

 Call 770-387-5149 for reservations.