Please complete the following in order for our office to process your case.

1.       Complete the attached Application.  Please provide an accurate and up to date address and phone number(s).  Please be sure to sign and date both the Application. Click Here for the Application.

2.       Provide proof of income.  Before your application can be processed, you must provide sufficient documentation of your income.  Documentation includes one or more of the following - a copy of last year’s tax return, current pay stub, statement from DFACS showing amount of benefits received monthly, Social Security check stub/proof of benefit amount received from Social Security or a signed and notarized statement from your employer on his/her company letterhead verifying your weekly wage. 

If you are unemployed, not living with a spouse or partner, and are being financially supported by someone who does not claim you on their taxes, click here for an affidavit of indigency that will act as your proof of income.  The Affidavit of Indigency will not be accepted as proof of income if it has not been notarized.

3.       Pay the NON-REFUNDABLE $50 application fee to our office located at 114 W. Cherokee Avenue (white building located across the street from the Courthouse) as soon as possible.  Payment must be made to Clerk of Superior Court in money order only (no cash or checks).

Your file will not be opened and assigned to an attorney until proof of income is provided.