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The CBMPO FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program has been officially adopted as of the August 2, 2017 meeting of the Policy Committee

A link to the list of projects to be funded during FY 2018-2021 is posted below. This document has been officially adopted by the CBMPO Policy Committee at its public meeting on August 2, 2017. Upon its receipt on September 21, 2017 the official EPA concurrence letter has been added to the document.

CBMPO FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program - FINAL

The Long-Range Transportation Plan changes from time to time to reflect changes in timing, funding, and scope. Changes to projects that are exempt from federal oversight, or do not impact project description, capacity, or termini and otherwise do not impact air quality conformity are allowed as administrative modifications. These typically occur when funding shifts from one year to the next or minor changes occur within the project. Amendments occur with major changes to a project that change scope, termini, incur major changes in budgeted federal funds and/or involve the addition of new projects that affect air quality conformity. These changes are noted below:

TIP Update August 2017

TIP Update May 2018

TIP Administrative Modification June 2018